Disease as Evidence of the Cosmic War

By Brian Lowther

Dr. Rendle Short comes tentatively to the conclusion that ‘the happenings in this world, in fact, and its moral disasters, its wars and wickedness, its physical catastrophes, and its sicknesses, may be part of a great warfare due to the interplay of forces such as we see in the book of Job, the malice of the devil in one hand and the restraints imposed by God on the other.’  

Paul Tournier in A Doctor’s Casebook writes, ‘Doubtless there are many doctors who in their struggle against disease have had, like me, the feeling that they were confronting, not something passive, but a clever and resourceful enemy.’   

Quoted from The Gospel of Mark: The New Daily Study Bible, edited by William Barclay 

Posted on March 14, 2011 and filed under First 30.