August 9, 2014 
"Disease is Not God's Will" Consultation

In the August 2014 we gathered a group of fifteen key thinkers on the WCIU campus to explore and discuss issues of mutual interest, for cross pollination and exposure to new ideas. Our theme was, "Disease is not God's Will." Our speakers included two medical doctors, one physicist/economist, and RWI director Brian Lowther. 

Physicist and economist George Stevens presents on "Science Affirms Faith." Duration: 23 minutes.

Anesthesiologist Brent Hildebrand presents on "Disease, Nutrition, and Mobile Genetic Elements." Duration: 20 minutes.

Pediatrician Arnold Gorske presents on "The Church's role in Preventing the 'Slow Motion Disaster' Worldwide." Duration 31 minutes.

RWI Director Brian Lowther presents on "Why Eradication?" Duration: 11 minutes.