Did God Devise Vicious Animals, Destructive Parasites, and Deadly Germs?

Ralph Winter, who died in 2009 from multiple myeloma, became “increasingly puzzled by the amount of pain, suffering, tragedy and death in the world. From the smallest animals to the largest, all seem to live lives fearful of predators whether animal or human or bacterial. Did God devise vicious animals, destructive parasites, and deadly germs? Is this the good creation the Bible speaks of God creating?”

Winter concluded that “our inherited theology allows us to fight ‘terrorists’ that can be seen with the naked eye but not to fight tiny terrorists that can only be seen in a microscope. … Evangelical leaders are not constantly promoting the destruction of Satan’s works in general, much less in the area of disease. The Bible would urge us not to blame God for Satan’s endeavors. Is not God asking us to fight disease in the Name of Christ?”

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Posted on March 8, 2017 and filed under Blog, Fifth 30.