Rick Warren - The First Member of the RWI Board of Reference

By Brian Lowther

I'm very happy to report that Rick Warren has agreed to join our Board of Reference.

One of our first major goals is to establish a board of reference of respected individuals in the Christian community who both knew Ralph Winter and his heart for the unreached peoples of the world as well as those who also have an understanding of his last major initiative, that of founding the RWI.

We thought of Pastor Rick because, not only is he a very prominent name in the Evangelical world, but he has expressed his admiration for Winter many times over the years, culminating in his very heartfelt address at Winter's memorial service in May 2009.

Barbara Winter and I met with him briefly last Friday (March 18). Before I could finish my sentence inviting him to be on our board of reference he answered, "In a blink, absolutely without a doubt!" And then he gave me and Barb a big hug. I was caught off guard by his enthusiasm and friendliness.  

Thank God for moments like this that serve to put some wind in our sails.

Posted on March 21, 2011 and filed under First 30.