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When God Doesn’t Make Sense

Flickr/West Midlands Police

Flickr/West Midlands Police

In this essay, Ralph D. Winter poses a chilling scenario: A couple comes home late one night. All their lights are on, the doors stand open, police search the premises.

"Terrible things have happened," he writes. "The drawers are pulled out, cupboards are emptied, dishes smashed, even carpets pulled up. The whole place is an incredible mess. And the police turn angrily to the returning couple. 'We got a 911 call that something was wrong in your house. We have been here a half hour and we are overcome with puzzlement and fury. We have never seen a house so poorly kept.' They turn to the wife, 'What kind of a housekeeper are you anyway?'"

It seems preposterous. But Winter says this is exactly what we do when we attribute to God the works of Satan. "It seems ominously clear that the Adversary has greatly succeeded in not only concealing his own existence but in persuading us to think God is the author of all evil."