From a World-Renowned Mission Strategist to a Disease-Eradication Activist

Ralph D. Winter speaking at the dedication of the  Ralph D. Winter Library  at Olivet University in July, 2007

Ralph D. Winter speaking at the dedication of the Ralph D. Winter Library at Olivet University in July, 2007

As we continue on our website tour, this week we're highlighting The "Why" of the RWI, which recounts the fascinating story of how a world-renowned mission strategist became a disease-eradication activist.

Around the late 1990s, Ralph Winter began to realize that the Good News being shared around the world was being followed up with some very bad news. God loves you, we preached, and Jesus died to save you, but He also gave your child brain cancer and may inflict pain on you to deepen your spiritual life.

Winter was deeply concerned by this distorted witness, distorted theology, and distorted view of God in the church. "If we continued to explain that a mysterious good hides behind all suffering, if we continued to take the Biblical phrase 'all things work together for good' to mean that God . . . is somehow the author of the evil itself, we would continue to see the Christian faith blossom around the world today only to watch it fade tomorrow."

Find out how he decided to pull back the curtain on the puppet show and reveal suffering and disease for what they really were—tools of a jealous and vicious opponent to God.

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